People and freight movement are the lifelines of a connected global economy. Transportation overcomes distance, time, weather, topography, borders, regulations, tariffs and political factors. Today, transportation providers must build elastic capacity, develop and leverage efficient networks, factor global economic systems, adhere to environmental safety practices and focus on reducing costs. Ourtravel and transportation solutions, technology and consulting can help you: improve the customer's end-to-end experience; increase the agility of customer sales and service systems; maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation; improve operational efficiency; and assure safety and security with less cost and impact on customers.

BLUELINE provides consulting services ranging from full project lifecycle program management to select support for individual project segments. With relationships throughout the transportation industry and extensive experience, we are able to seamlessly integrate with IT, engineering, operations, and facilities departments, outside IT professionals, architects, vendors and engineering firms to quickly generate results at our chosen tasks.

Segments We Serve

Information Technology
  • Consulting
  • System Designs
  • IT Strategy
  • Software Development
  • Modernization
  • Mobile Communication
  • Architecture Improvements
  • Analytics
  • Ecommerce Capabilities
  • Social Media
  • Business Process
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Promotion Management

Narrowing the gap between cutting-edge technology and its applications, as well as identifying the missing links for applying technology in transportation will be the ongoing challenge. New advances in communications technology, data analysis and smart infrastructure are enabling more businesses to streamline their transportation strategies through better trip-planning and improved resource allocation. Harnessing these advancements is likely to become a key part of remaining competitive in the transportation sector in the future.

BLUELINE brings value to our transportation and travel industry customers through: Generating top line revenue growth through enhanced customer experiences and revenue management &increasing profitability through standardization of business processes and improved operational efficiencies.