We believe that retailers shouldn’t have to choose between a strategic partner and a cost-effective outsourcing provider. With BLUELINE, you get the best of both. And to ensure creativity and innovation, we have created a dedicated Retail Innovation Group aligned with our clients’ needs. Combining top-notch business expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we create practical solutions to complex challenges in supply chain management, merchandising, ecommerce and store management.

Whether it's fashioning your existing IT landscape to meet new realities, making your presence felt across channels or addressing the growing consumer need for self-service, BLUELINE can help you on your journey. Today, our clients partner with us to integrate mobility and new technology into their multi-channel commerce strategies. Our solutions breathe new life into their initiatives, empowering them to deliver a stellar consumer experience, and achieve remarkable results in product design collaboration, co-creation and consumer delight.

Segments We Serve

  • Performance Management
  • Logistics Optimization
  • Master Data Management
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Store Execution Excellence
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Application Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Cloud Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Retail Testing & Validation
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Big Data

A majority of retailers have a complex portfolio of legacy and modern IT applications that integrate disparate functions. IT systems need to perform with clockwork efficiency to ensure availability, usability, accessibility and security of applications. Retailers need to constantly enhance the performance of their applications and enable cross-channel functionality to develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

BLUELINE Retail practices helps retailers reduce the release cycle time and improve the quality of their IT applications. We have developed accelerated testing solutions built around customized business process libraries, reusable test assets and test automation frameworks for enterprise. Our practice combines rich testing experience across e-commerce, point of sale (POS), pharmacy retail, merchandise and revenue optimization, and inventory management with best practices in quality assurance (QA) to deliver a wide range of QA services for the retail industry.

BLUELINE helps global retailers deliver a "greater than" experience that engages customers, enhances value and relevance, and builds a competitive advantage. We do this with customized strategies and expert teams in the areas of:

As a leading strategic partner to the retail industry, we at BLUELINE help our clients around the world and across all retail formats increase efficiency and drive growth by refining the retail offer and developing new organizational and technological capabilities.