Data Warehousing

BLUELINE solutions for data warehousing simplify and accelerate the delivery of insights from business analytics. Ideally suited for custom deployments, they offer flexibility, a choice of platforms, and a comprehensive set of capabilities to power operational and strategic analytics.

BLUELINE offers pre-built workload-optimized data warehousing and analytics solutions with integrated software, server, networking and storage, in easy to manage systems that provide fast time-to-value and require minimal set-up and administration. With this service, BLUELINE helps clients manage considerable data volumes across multiple business units.

Data Warehousing Services We Offer

Data Warehousing Services
  • ETL Implementation
  • Query, Reporting & Analysis
  • Scorecard & KPI
  • Business Intelligence
  • Consulting
  • Quality Assurance
Technology Partners
  • Oracle
  • IBM

Today, with data available in many different formats, from varying sources, and via diverse access methods, companies need a solution for managing business information. In addition, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and internal audit demands have made reliable data management vital. While many companies offer the individual components necessary to produce a data warehouse, such a solution can be difficult to support and manage, and expensive to implement. Data Warehousing is an affordable data management solution that ensures that you will have your information, when you need it in a format that is organized and easy to find. BLUELINE will process, quality assure, test and re-distribute your data to the locations you need