Data Center & Virtualization

Are you concerned your IT infrastructure or mission critical applications could be jeopardized by power outages, cooling issues, security breaches, or space constraints? If so, BLUELINE can help eliminate these worries. Enjoy customized and flexible solutions and guaranteed uptime to ensure your business is never in jeopardy.

Organizations choose BLUELINE because of our wide range of enterprise-grade services, superior support and flexibility. By leveraging a Net Access enterprise data center for your organization's IT equipment you can lower risk while providing much higher capabilities needed to scale your business. More and more enterprise organizations are realizing huge savings in capital expenditures by utilizing BLUELINE data center instead of building their own. Organizations that already have their own data center can also utilize one of our enterprise data centers as their primary or D/R site while keeping their data center as a primary or D/R site.

Each BLUELINE enterprise data center has the security, redundancy, and connectivity that most businesses want but cannot justify building for themselves. When you add our highly experienced, 24x7 technical staff located at each enterprise data center, and our data center maintenance teams, it enables our team to provide premier support for your enterprise's infrastructure.

Data Center & Virtualization

Data Center Services We Offer
  • Hardware Installation
  • Managed Power Distribution
  • Backup power systems
  • Managed Load Balancing
  • Controlled Internet Access
  • Data Migration
  • Storage Optimization
Virtualization Services
  • VMware Services
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Cloud Workspace
  • Dedicated Server
  • Cloud Server Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Management

BLUELINE can assist you with all aspects of virtualization. Our range of services support the design, implementation, and management of virtualization solutions, enabling you to consolidate resources, manage workloads, automate processes, and optimize delivery with effective results.

Leveraging both on-site and off-site resources, BLUELINE can offer you a compelling combination of competence and affordability. Our services use a 'best of breed' consolidation methodology, crafted through BLUELINE's extensive experience in designing and managing virtualized environments. This ensures consistency across the globe and provides access to BLUELINE's experts and leading practices.

Virtualization allows you to improve the utilization of infrastructure while making it faster and easier to provision and manage. Virtualization enables server consolidation, providing significant savings in hardware, power, and footprint. This virtual infrastructure can also be rapidly provisioned and repurposed on-demand through a web-based interface. BLUELINE Business provides a range of services to help your organization leverage the benefits of virtualized infrastructure.

BLUELINE also offers Virtualization services such as cloud hosting services which improves the efficiency, availability and performance of IT resources and applications. Virtualization reduces capital expenses for computing and storage and scales operating costs with expected and unexpected computing demands. Whether you utilize cloud services for disaster recovery or host server environments, you can mitigate your risks from hardware failure, avoid on site power loss and increase mobility by relying on BLUELINE to virtualize your computing and storage systems.

If you want to take advantage of our data centers and virtualization but don’t know where to begin, BLUELINE can help. We have a full range of data centers and virtualization services with expertise to show you where it makes most sense in your organization, as well as the projected ROI. Let the BLUELINE experts help you take advantage of everything that data centers and virtualization has to offer.