5 Challenges to Keeping Your IT Systems Updated

How important are your IT systems? Can you say “Mission Critical?” The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MRP/CRP (Manufacturing and Capacity Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems make up the financial heart and operational nerve center of your organization. These applications directly support your core business. What challenges do you face when trying to… Read More »

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How to Manage and Analyze Big Data

Humans produce about 2.5 qunitillion bytes of new information every day. In fact, we’ve produced more data in the past two years than throughout history. This brings new challenges to businesses, governments and organizations charged with collecting this data, storing it, analyzing it, managing it and acting on it. Here’s an overview of what big… Read More »

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Cloud Management – 3+ Things You Might Not Have Thought About

Today, cloud computing makes it possible to rethink the established partnership between business and IT – flashing time-to-market, economies of scale, on-demand infrastructure, etc. Cloud computing has become a viable alternative to the current bricks-and-mortar-based method of managing IT, often making it more productive and agile. Don’t underestimate, though, the constraints of cloud management. Traditional… Read More »

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The First Two Steps to an Updated IT System

In a recent post, I outlined five challenges to keeping your ERP, MRP and CRM systems up to date. Don’t despair. There are ways to overcome those challenges. Today, I want to discuss two of them. 1. Application Lifecycle Management. Lifecycle Management has always been a thorny topic. Quickly scan the Wiki entry and you’ll… Read More »

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7 Ways to Streamline & Automate Your IT Department

Your company’s ability to move forward is directly related to how well your IT department functions. IT should work like a finely tuned machine, but it’s important to remember IT professionals are real people with real wants, needs, goals, and personalities. Here are five ways to improve how your IT department functions, which will translate… Read More »

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Most In-Demand IT Certifications for 2014

What are the hottest, most in-demand certifications for this year? Not surprisingly, job candidates with certifications in security and cloud computing are hugely attractive to employers. But basic knowledge on systems planning, development, and maintenance are attractive to employers, too. Here are the certifications employers are most likely to pay you well for in 2013.… Read More »

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The value of digital footprint

Can you survive without a digital presence?

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Order info on the go

Away from your desktop? Use order status OnLine Mobile.

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Predictive policing, safer communities

Smarter cities don’t just address issues, they anticipate them

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Let’s build a smarter planet

Explore by smarter industry or topics

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