We offer a fully managed service covering IT strategy, design, architecture & implementation and have manyyears’ experience of servicing the media industry. Our knowledge of the advertising industry across all media channels including TV, digital and financials enable us to work as true partners to any business or systems house working in the advertising industry.

Experience has shown that it is best to work with the most relevant technology for your business requirements, budget and technical partners. Having worked across core development platforms such as Microsoft and Java-based frameworks, as well as industry standard databases, we are technology neutral. We have the ability to work in the technology of your choice based on a sensible technical direction for your business designed by us. This includes all of the mobile platforms available today and the HTML5 browser-based approach.

These technological changes which only promise to become more advanced as bandwidth increases and provides more richly-textured opportunities for advertisers to tell their stories, are fundamentally changing the way advertisers relate to their customers. Customization has serious implications for the marketing business and the greater objective of brand development.

Segments We Serve

Information Technology
  • Consulting
  • Implementation
  • Data Services
  • App Development
  • System Integration
  • Analytics – Big Data
  • Architecture Improvements
Process Improvements
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Product Direction
  • Supplier Selection
  • Media Products
  • Visual Ads
  • Business Leads
  • Customize Response
  • Target Advertising
  • Digital Advertising
  • Cloud

Information technology has great impact on Advertising in the sense that Information technology has made the world a global village,thus connecting countries to countries,people far away with each other via the use of the internet on computers,smart phones, while advertising on the other hand refers to reaching out to people in other to get a purchase or a sale.It also literally means telling a story about your product or service to the populace.Nowadays one does not need to reach out to people via papers,radio,tv stations untargeted audience,expensive audience anymore,when one can do the same via targeted database marketing and web based marketing which is not as expensive as the traditional means of advertising.

We help both emerging start-ups and mature businesses to navigate through the evolving technology trends and terminology, to realize returns on their technology systems and outsourcing investments, and to identify ways to obtain quality development and implementation services.